My name is Everests and I am 7 years old. My dad says, that I've painted a lot more than my dad and mom have done together in their lifetime.

Painting makes me happy and it give me a chance to depict the whole world in much brighter colours. I like to paint rainbows and animals the most.

I've also started to paint with an airbrush, it’s so fun to blow paint with the help of air, not knowing how it will look like in the end. It’s a surprise.

Not everyone can take a painting home after the art exhibition. So I want to give you a piece of my work that is full of love. The Everestsart brand has been created to make your day more bright and memorable!

My paintings make every piece of clothing unique!

Everestsart uses only the highest quality certified organic cotton and linen materials that are gentle to skin and environmentally friendly.

The brand was created in Latvia, and our product is fine handicraft.

Reach your Everest with Everestsart!